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We take care of all your inventory, packing, labeling, bundling and shipping needs while you focus on growing your business.

We are driven to give you the highest level of service. We take care of the physical work, while you focus more on growing and expanding your business. We also specializes in FBA and FBM preparation services at very low rates compared to our competitors. We take care of all the packaging and execute the orders with perfection according to all of Amazon's strict rules shipping guidelines.

- We don't just take care of you, we take care of your customers too -

*our location gives you the advantage on tax free on goods such as food, clothing, textbooks, pharmaceutical drugs, and sales for resale.



Generally takes 24-48 hours
3 Easy Steps


Have your supplier ship directly to us. No minimum amount. Once your shipment arrives, we immediately begin our inspection processes, and yes we inspect everything to ensure that the product quality meets it's standards. If there are any damages you will be notified


Within 24 through 48 hours, your products will be labeled, polybagged, and bubble wrapped (as necessary). Your inventory will be listed. 

Amazon has strict rules and restrictions, using Amazon's detailed requirements we package each unit of your shipments and include: Label, Polybag, Box, Bubble wrap, etc - 


A shipment plan is created either by us or you, then we place shipping labels and send your products to another warehouse or directly to the customer.



In order for us to create shipments and print shipping labels on your behalf, we will need a sub-account on your Amazon Seller account that has ‘Manage FBA Inventory and Shipments privileges. We do not see any financial data with this account. This allows us to access your shipping plan so that we can print out your FNSKU labels, update your plan, and print out your UPS / LTL labels in order to send your shipment into Amazon. This needs to be done only once. (instructions are below)

If you do not wish to give us access, you will have to send us the FNSKU labels by email.

If you use Inventory Lab or other 3rd party listing tool and would like us to create shipments in there, we’ll need sub-account access with ‘List’ privileges in addition to the Amazon sub-account.



Give us your instructions

Please fill out the Shipment form first. Tell us what you would like us to do with your shipment and how you want your inventory processed. To start please click the "REGISTRATION FORM" button below.



We Gave you 2 Options

Option 1: You may just ship your products to us and you do not need to do anything further. We will handle the shipments and creation of FNSKU’s from the Amazon sub account that you gave us access to.

Option 2: Log into your Amazon Seller Central Account and create an abbreviated Shipping Plan for your next shipment. Just list the products and the quantities, then stop. Amazon will automatically save your work. Do Not approve the shipments.

Option 3: Create your own shipment plan, email us your labels plus anything else you would like us to know, and how you want your products shipped.


PLEASE! Don't hesitate to call

Have some questions? Confused about pricing? Don't like our pricing? or just want to have a chat? simply contact us.


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